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Stitch Guides

Click on the name to download a .pdf of the stitch guide.
For photos, see Kits To Go: "Fuchsias"

Boot's Bailey "Yellow Bowl"

Anne Brinkley "Pink Ribbon Bookmark #1"

Anne Brinkley "Pink Ribbon Bookmark #2"

Anne Cram "Dorset Pond"

Anne Cram "Roadside"

Rayond M. Crawford "Love"

Changing Woman Designs "Garden Gate"

Danji Designs "Rainbow Rays"

Jean Smith "Petite Bunch 4"

Jean Smith "Floral"

Jean Smith "Small Bouquet 7 Red"

Julia's Needleworks "Pansies"

Keri Designs "Small Burgundy Hibiscus Purse"

Keri Designs "Coral Hibiscus"

Keri Designs "Fuscia Red Hibiscus"

Keri Designs "Hawaiian Shirt"

Keri Designs "Hibiscus Purse"

Keri Designs "Pink Hibiscus Purse"

Keri Designs "White Hibiscus on Red"

Lee's Needle Art "Waterlily"

Leigh Designs "A Capella"

Leigh Designs "#6911 African Daisy"

Leigh Designs "Black Eyed Susan Medallion"

Leigh Designs "#6913 Burgundy Anemone"

Leigh Designs "#6910 Carnation"

Leigh Designs "#6916 Chrysanthemum"

Leigh Designs "Clematis"

Leigh Designs "Cornflower Medallion"

Leigh Designs "#6917 Daffodil"

Leigh Designs "#6912 Hollyhock"

Leigh Designs "Karura"

Leigh Designs "#6916 Marigold"

Leigh Designs "Pink Aster Medallion"

Leigh Designs "#6914 Potentilla"

Leigh Designs exclusive "Red Hat"

Napa Needlepoint "Broken Star Quilt"

Pease on Earth "Green Plaid Square Sandal" (shown here in purple)

Rishfield Designs "Gardenia"

Barbara Russell "Blue Bells"

Barbara Russell "Westie II"

Kate Schofield "Bathing Beauty"

Sophia Designs "Parrot"

Tapestry Tent Designs "Dragon"

Tapestry Tent Designs "Purple Pansy"

Trubey Designs "Orchid"

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